Hello, this is a blog post in reference to my second phase at the Flatiron School for software engineering. This phase we focused on using the JavaScript framework known as React. We learned the fundamentals of components and a variety of hooks including useState, useEffect, Route, and switch. Using React we could utilize JavaScript much more efficiently and do much more then we could with plain on vanilla.

I used the strongest assets to using React with my project first by utilizing something I thought was really awesome and that is the client side routing you can do with Route and Switch.

With the Route hook I can establish client side routing to quickly go through different components in this example clicking through Home, Deck Builder, and My Deck. I am running a single page application with the appearance and functionality of having multiple pages.

The second hook I utilized which is probably the most powerful with react and that was State. You can put data into State and create many dynamic uses for the data. In my case I would use it to search through different cards and store a list of cards into a deck that you created by clicking on cards. I also utilized State to create a counter with the amount of cards in the deck you were making.

When you would search through and click on cards it would be displayed under My Deck.

I would compare using vanilla JavaScript to working on building a house with your hands, a box of nails, and a hammer. While using React felt like building a house with a nail gun, jack hammer, and any complex and engineered tools that would help get the job done.